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The London Lifestyle Awards ® is the ultimate celebration of the businesses, people and places that make London the greatest city in the world. It is a celebration that showcases the best of London and celebrates the fantastic achievements throughout the lifestyle industry.​

The London Lifestyle Awards ® were created in 2010 with a mission to honour those whose work has made an outstanding contribution to London and its lifestyle to the ultimate benefit of Londoners and visitors to this great city.

The London Lifestyle Awards ® is now multi-platformed, celebrating the best of the best in print and digital media along with the gala dinner held every year.

At the London Lifestyle Awards ® we have two major beliefs and have done since 2010.

1.  London is the greatest city in the World

2. The Lifestyle businesses that we celebrate and one of the major factors in making it the greatest city in the World.

london lifestyle awards event
Official hashtag: #LondonLifestyleAwards
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