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Along with the London Lifestyle Awards executive team, the committee sit to consider all the nominations and curate the list for the public vote.


Our judges are London fanatics but not critics. After the public voting has taken place – the committee sit again to judge the top 15%  in each category to decide on the eventual winners. Please see some information about our judges.

Jason Gale

Creator of the London Lifestyle Awards & CEO of the World Lifestyle Awards

“I truly believe that we live and work in the greatest city in the world, leading the field in many of our lifestyle industries. This should be celebrated, rewarding those who make it happen.”

Born in Hull, Gale moved to London in 1998, always with the intention of returning to his beloved Yorkshire. Little did he know what an impact the city of London would have on his ambitions, vision, and future success.

“I always thought that I would come to London, stay for a year or two, make some money and move back to be with family and build a Yorkshire pub empire!”

Gale pursued countless projects in marketing, promotions, TV and modelling, including working with David Beckham, Kelly Brook and brands such as Mercedes and Martini.

Gale set up Handmade UK in 2003; a bespoke lifestyle integrated PR and marketing consultancy, as he saw a gap in the market for a lifestyle agency that effectively communicated the clients’ product, whilst putting the clients’ needs at the heart of the business.

Resulting clients included Molton House, Pangaea, Zebrano and Platform, beauty clients Vita Liberata, jewellery designers and retailers Brilliant Inc. as well as celebrities such as Sinitta and Heidi Fleiss.

After 5 years of success (2008) at Handmade UK, Gale saw the potential of what could be achieved if lifestyle companies worked together more cohesively. In 2010 the London Lifestyle Awards were launched.


Pop Star and TV personality

As a child, Sinitta trained at the Russian Ballet School, Legat. In her school holidays she spent time at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden with Charles Augins and Arlene Phillips. During that time Choreographer Gillian Gregory cast Sinitta to play Francine in the Rocky Horror Show. Soon after she also performed in the musical, Cats, which led to Sinitta winning roles in several other West End productions.

Sinitta soon signed her first record deal and became a hit artist of the 80′s, with 14 international hits such as “So Macho”, which stayed in the UK chart for over 9 months. Sinitta has since worked with Simon Cowell on 10 series of UK talent show, the X Factor, as well as appearing on numerous other TV shows.

Sinitta has been a avid consumer of London lifestyle since the 1980′s. She is passionate about the city and is always looking for the next best thing, in addition to celebrating the tried and tested.

Akashia Carswell

London Talent

London Talent is a hospitality recruitment company set up by Akashia Carswell. London Talent specialises in investment, head hunting, PR, Accounting, Payroll services, Design and Build and other key industry roles through a team of experienced, well regarded industry specialists assembled and managed by Akashia.

Akashia has 20 years’ hospitality experience in London, New York, Miami and Las Vegas. Her background includes senior management, recruitment, training, development and running operations in leading high end restaurants, bars and clubs. She has worked with industry notables at the infamous Bowery Bar and Chaos simultaneously, eventually becoming a key person in setting up ‘Chaos’ in Miami and their relocation in NYC.

She also includes Cafeteria, V bar (where C4 filmed Las Vegas: Uncovered featuring Akashia ) Lotus NYC, Teatro, The Breakfast group, Sanctum Hotel, Molten House, Chiltern Firehouse, Coya and The Bowery Bar NYC as past clients.

Prior to this Akashia started at the bottom and worked up in all areas of the restaurant trade including the kitchen gaining her 706/1 and 2, and honed her bar skills whilst training with renowned mixologist Alex Turner.

She currently chairs the committee for the London Lifestyle Awards and is working on a range of projects, from writing for London Lifestyle Awards publications, being a Brand Ambassador and working on creative concepts alongside recruitment.

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